Journal of Science, S. 3 (2015)

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People’s expectations in Ho Chi Minh City when buying over - the - counter drugs to self - treatment


Tóm tắt

    This objective is to study determinants of people's expectation in Ho Chi Minh city when buying over - the counter drugs to self - treatment. With a directly surveyed dataset of 403 citizens over 18 years old who purchased medicines for self-treatment, and using the quantitative method by exploratory factor analysis (EFA), the study found factors affecting people's expectations when buying over - the - counter (OTC) drugs to heal themselves are past purchase and use of non-prescription drugs, experience treating common diseases with OTC drugs, seeking information behavior when intending buying non-prescription drugs, the impression of the-over-counter medications and the impression of pharmacist at pharmacy by Ho Chi Minh city (HCMC) citizens. 

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