Journal of Science, S. 4 (2015)

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Finance climate: China's experiences and lessons for Vietnam


Tóm tắt

    Following decades of rapid economic growth, China is in the process of restructuring its economy to make future growth more sustainable in social, economic and environmental ways. Today, China is the world's largest investor in clean energy and also energy efficiency. With the strong support of government and mobilize many finances from public, private and foreign capital sources, climate finance plays an important role in the successes of China in the process of transformation to the environment friendly economy. This paper studies the experiences of China in the set up of policy and use efficiency finance climate address climate change. As predicted, Vietnam is a country affected greatly by climate change and sea level rise due to warming of the Earth. The learned lessons in the mobilization and use of climate finance from China are essential towards a green economy and sustainable, which the Vietnam government has set. 

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