Journal of Science, T. 7, S. 3 (2017)

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Applying means-end chain theory and laddering interviews to the study of product attributes for Dalat potatoes


Tóm tắt

    Dalat potato brand has currently been facing unfair competition from wholesalers using Chinese potatoeslabelled with Vietnamese brand to disguise their true origin. Accordingly, potatoes from China are first transportedto Lam Dong and then covered by Lam Dong soil to cheat consumers. This study, therefore, aims to explore keyattributes of Dalat potatoes, and the benefits and values created by these attributes for consumers of Dalat potatoes.In order to address the research objective, the study uses qualitative approach based on means-end chain theory andladdering interviews to collect and analyse the data. Eventually, the linkage between attributes, consequences andvalues are established to help governmental authorities of Lam Dong province to develop strategies for promotingDalat potato brand. The finding shows that ‘High food value', ‘Trustful product' and ‘Tasty and greasy taste' arekey attributes of Dalat potatoes. The linkage between potatoes attributes, benefits and values show that consuminggood farm produce like Dalat potatoes help consumers enjoy a better life. This is essential for authorities to positionand build a more solid brand for this specialty. To conclude, the paper discusses some managerial implications forpromoting and branding Dalat potatoes.    

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